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Volume 1, Number 3


There are Mr. America and Mr. Universe contests, but beauty and body contests have usually been reserved for the distaff side of humanity. Beauty is not considered masculine. But . . . isn’t it? In a male physique model, braced against an lonis column, the tones of shaded muscles flowing from one superb muscle to another . . . isn’t there beauty in this?

And if there were such a contest of beauty and body among the males, Dallas Ramsey would win . . . hands down. That is, if any hands were inactive around Dallas . . .

He’s nicknamed Big D, after the city of his birth, but with the obvious additional reference to his sexual prowess.

Six foot three; one hundred eighty-seven pounds of animal; faultless masculinity . . . with a capital M—as in Sex.

But his physical perfection isn’t that of a weightlifter; for he’s no barbell exhibitionist; he doesn’t hang out to be ogled or competed against . . . tennis and lots of swimming and bareback riding (sometimes on horses) and ranching in pre-Navy days, have made him a superb animal specimen. His hands and feet, breadth of shoulders and chest, narrowness of hips and smoothly-molded buttocks — make this a MAN among men.

And then there’s that rare sexual prowess constantly in evidence between his magnificent legs, regardless how conservative his clothes.

On the beach his body and face are electrifying to men and women alike; but all is suddenly eclipsed by the wondrous massiveness of his crotch.

Nothing can hide the maleness there. Of course, Dallas doesn’t necessarily try to hide it . . . would you????

Dallas Ramsey: Beautiful perfection; The activating catalyst which ignites those basic elements in ALL men: sex, money, which, when disturbed toward inevitable collision — bear the seeds of human disaster.

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Avantni gay erotic magazine
Gay erotic magazine Avanti volume 1 number 3

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Nick Vjornick is a Brussels sprout in the literal sense of the term. The twenty two year old budding architect is touring this country and Canada with an open mind and open eyes on structures large and small. “A unit doesn’t have to be large in size for it to fulfill its purpose,” he explains, “it just has to combine beauty and function. People in America, I have observed, are more interested in the size of the structure than anything else. That goes for everything, including hamburgers, cars, and what have you. But when you buy a pair of shoes, you’re interested in the right fit, aren’t you? It should be like this for everything.” Good advice, Nick, and, as we say in this country: If the shoe fits . . .

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